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5GMETA Second Hackathon

22 May 2023 - 23 May 2023

5GMETA is organising the project’s Second Hackathon on 22-23 May in Lisbon. A call has been launched for innovators and pioneers to come together during this year’s ITS European Congress and, under the guidance of 5GMETA experts and selected mentors, take up the challenge to develop new business models leveraging the 5GMETA Platform.

The Challenges

The 5GMETA Consortium has conceived three main challenges for the Hackathon participants to respond to. They will focus on developing innovative solutions for the comfort and safety of road users, imagining the roads and mobility of the future, and creating user-centric solutions.

Challenge #1 – Comfort and safety of road users 

  • Scope
    • Data collected from vehicles, sensors, and road infrastructures can be leveraged to conceive innovative solutions that enhance the safety and comfort of road users (pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers) and improve their travelling experience.
  • Objective – During the hackathon, you will be able to tackle the challenge of improving the safety of road users: 
    • Identify a specific comfort or safety issue and your main target (pedestrians, cyclists or drivers). 
    • Propose a data-driven solution to address the issue. 
    • Create a working prototype of your solution using the data streams available on the 5GMETA platform. 
    • Prepare a pitch to present your solution to the jury. 

Challenge #2 – Roads and mobility of the future  

  • Scope 
    • Conceiving solutions that exploit backend data at city or region level to offer innovative services to road operators, local authorities, fleet managers, insurance companies or other stakeholders.
  • Objective – During the hackathon, you will be challenged to imagine the future of roads:
    • Identify a specific problem caused by the lack of continuous and fast communication between vehicles/people on the road. 
    • Propose a solution to address the problem, using exchangeable data and 5G network capabilities. 
    • Create a working prototype of your solution using the data streams available on the 5GMETA platform and its connectivity features. 
    • Prepare a pitch to present your solution to the jury. 

Challenge #3 – User-centric services 

  • Scope
    • Channelling data about users’ preferences and behaviours to provide advanced services about services, shops, or events that are close-by to road users.
  • Objective – During the hackathon you will be able to tackle the challenge of creating user-centric services:
    • Identify a specific road user need that is not currently being met by existing services. 
    • Propose a solution to address this need, using data from vehicles, road infrastructure and users, as well as 5G network capabilities. 
    • Create a working prototype of your solution using data streams available on the 5GMETA platform and from other sources, paying particular attention to user privacy. 
    • Prepare a pitch to present your solution to the jury. 


The Second Hackathon to boost mobility data at the ITS European Congress

The Second Hackathon offers a great opportunity to be among the forerunners to discover the innovative 5GMETA Platform and its features. The ITS European Congress 2023, which brings together all of the sector’s key target groups, is the ideal occasion for innovators, start-ups, developers and all interested parties to develop new business and technical ideas by exploiting the innovative 5GMETA Platform, which includes functions for data management, data monetization and cybersecurity.

The Road to Lisbon webinar series, which will run prior to the event, will provide interested parties with technical information and details on the Platform and on what to expect from the Second Hackathon. Check all the information on 5GMETA website.

5GMETA Hackathon participants will have the opportunity to enter the Congress premises for freeSecure your spot and join 5GMETA in Lisbon.


More information and event’s agenda is available on 5GMETA website.


Lisbon Congress Center
Lisbon, Portugal


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