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The Digital Trust Economy @ DigiWorld Summit, 15-17 November 2016, Montpellier (France)

16 November 2016 - 17 November 2016

The 38th annual DigiWorld Summit will run from 15 – 17 November 2016, and have as its central theme: The Internet of Trust. It will be an opportunity to engage in a meaningful international debate over digital trust issues – starting with security and privacy – which have become major sources of concern for all of the ecosystem’s stakeholders.

As the number of reported cyber-attacks worldwide is growing by close to 40% a year, we expect that upcoming stages in digital technologies’ evolution will only amplify the phenomenon. And this to such an extent that any future scenario is possible: from a continuation of the current chaos to a breakdown in trust that would lead to the construction of a new digital economy, which will no doubt differ in many respects from the one we know today.

• Are we reaching a tolerance threshold for online trust?
• How can veteran digital industry players (equipment suppliers, telcos, IT companies) capitalise on the current climate?
• Are verticals threatened by the situation or, on the contrary, on the winning side of trust and security issues?
• Do we need a new regulatory framework to govern, or reassure, market players and consumers?

The need for a profound reassessment of security and trust issues seems inevitable: massive increases in spending on security solutions, rise in protectionist behaviour (use of ad-blockers, battle against botnets, etc.), avoidance tactics (piracy and circumvention), clarification of the terms governing access to private data and the management of digital identities and online reputation… There is no shortage of issues and threats affecting the rate of adoption of digital technologies, but which could also prove to be opportunities for all market players.

Use and misuse of trust
Will trust be a key parameter in tomorrow’s Internet?
• The privacy paradox: Usage is high, trust is low: Are we reaching a tolerance threshold for online trust?
• Digital trust at the heart of customer relations? How do Internet companies and verticals gain their customers’ trust?
• Can we trust digital world players? Can the Internet giants continue to be both the arbiters and targets of their users’ trust issues?
• Can the digital world trust us? Focus on piracy: Can businesses trust their customers?

Trust technologies
A broad field of innovation for market leaders and start-ups
• Innovative security solutions: biometrics, etc.: What can we expect from the next wave of innovations in the arena of cyber security and data control?
• Blockchains and decentralized trust: Will today’s trusted third parties be cut out of the loop?

Trust altering the digital value chain
Will trust be a game-changer?
• Trusted third parties & digital coaches: Will we see new trusted third parties emerge (banking, post, health…)?
• Do we need more secure enablers? New growth enablers for telecom and IT industry leaders?
• What role for telcos? Monetise data or become trusted third parties?

Business model crash test
Will the current and future business models for trust-sensitive advertising and IoT markets be suited to the new climate?
• Real time biding and programmatic ad buying: Can online advertising survive and adapt to the loss of trust?
• Big Data and the Internet of Things: Will successful trust management be key to the future of IoT and monetisation initiatives?

Regulation of trust, and trust in regulation
How can regulation stimulate usage and innovation while also safeguarding against threats and transgressions in the digital economy?
• Trust and anti-trust: what about platforms? Can and must online platforms be regulated?
• Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield – the new deal: Can a balance be struck between conflicting European and US positions?
• Cybersecurity and terrorism: Are the future credibility of and trust in the digital economy bound up with the fight against global threats?

Additional details can be found here.

About IDATE DigiWorld
Since 1977, IDATE’s teams of specialists have earned a global reputation for independent, high quality analysis of digital industry markets, through three closely linked areas of activity:
• DigiWorld Institute: a European think-tank for members, policy-makers and players of the digital transformation
• DigiWorld Research: a global observatory of digital markets and innovation
• IDATE Consulting: bespoke market research and consulting solutions

François Kulczak, f.kulczak@idate.org
Jean-Dominique Seval, jd.seval@idate.org


16 November 2016
17 November 2016


François KULCZAK


Le Corum
Esplanade Charles de Gaulle
Montpellier, 34000 France
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